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Organisations across Europe, North America and Asia have been inspired by Ann’s dynamic presentations. Ann is a Guinness world record-holding polar explorer and an accomplished guide. She leads men and women in the toughest environment on the planet and understands that how you behave as a leader affects the whole team. A good leader empowers their team to achieve more. She believes that with the right planning, attitude and a positive focus people can achieve what they set out to do even in the most difficult circumstances.

Ann should know. She started out in the polar world as a mother of triplets with zero knowledge about the outdoors. Ann spent nine months teaching herself everything from navigating with a compass in whiteout conditions to cooking on a stove the size of a grapefruit in order to be invited onto her first expedition, a unique relay to the North Pole.

By sharing memorable experiences from her polar expeditions, Ann takes the audience on a parallel journey through their own challenges in a tough and changing world: “The difficulties people encounter at work are similar to the problems we face on expeditions, be it impossible targets, constant obstacles, a changing environment or morale within a team”.

The topics that Ann speaks about most often include leadership, teamwork, motivation, overcoming challenges and how to succeed in todays changing environment. All of Ann’s talks are tailored to match the audience’s requirements.

Although Ann tailors every presentation to match the client’s requirements, she never uses a script because she enjoys interacting with members of her audience, responding to their needs, and answering their questions.

Ann Daniels

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